start 'em young

 The kids and I walked down to see the marching band before the game today, which was a lot of fun. Ocean was a little nervous about the loud music but the cute cheerleaders with their sparkly pom-poms made it all better. (This kid knows how to attract cheerleaders.) On our walk back home, the beer girl at the Miller Light tent handed me this lovely little bauble and said, "Here's something for your kids!"



Becky said...

Hmmmm. Well, we never turn down beads! LOL. At least it wasn't a Miller Lite pacifier or diaper cover or something. (Seriously, the way little girls' clothes are now, how long ARE we from a diaper cover with a beer logo on the butt?) Shudder.

Cassady said...

There was some crazy things going on in A2 today. We'll have to exchange some stories tomorrow:) lol. I think college students are more denser than they were when we were in college:)

CB said...

Becky, I'm right there with you. Not a big fan of the bum logos at all but especially on little girls. There's just something so wrong about a 2 year old with "Juicy" splashed across her tush.

However, I obviously did take the beads because, well, they're just so FESTIVE. =)

Cassady, I saw/heard some crazy shenanigans also. I'll have to tell you about the hazing incident I watched go down IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE. I was 2 seconds away from calling the cops when they packed it up and left. I'm so old and crotchety.