the da vinci code

Yes, I should be sleeping right now but I'm awake and pondering the important things in life: Vanilla Wafers, circumcision and The DaVinci Code. Not that any of them are related, and I have a lot to say about all three, but my focus here will be on the latter of these important life issues.

Here in Charlotte it seems like most churches are doing a DaVinci Code smear campaign. Admittedly, I have not read the book and know very little about it's content. I do know, however, that the author wrote it as a work of fiction and yet judging by the titles of sermons I'm seeing here ("Cracking the DaVinci Code" and "The DaVinci Con" to name a couple), many Christians are threatened by the release of this movie. My question is: WHY? Why are you threatened? If what you believe to be the truth is indeed the truth, why does the release of a fictional movie bother you so much? If someone points at a garden hose and tells me it's a snake I'm not going to flip out because I know it's a garden hose. Is the god you serve so much smaller than a fictional movie made solely to generate revenue? I don't know about you but my God is a lot bigger than Hollywood.

Additionally, I believe the same people who are so valiantly crying "Boycott!" on this movie are the same folks who were crying "Freedom of Speech!" when The Passion of the Christ was released. Let's not be hypocritical. Just because I happen to have a strong opinion about something (like Vanilla Wafers, for example) does not give me a right to deny freedom of speech to others. Or, if I'm wrong and we can indeed change The Constitution, we should add something about baking cakes made from rainbows and smiles.

As a sidebar, having huge banners in front of your church with "DaVinci" anything written on them is really just free advertising for the movie, don't you think? It's kind of like your mom taught you when you were five: If someone is bothering you, just ignore them. Churches here aren't doing a good job of that and they've certainly piqued my interest on this movie.

Just some un-wafery food for thought.

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