touchy feely

Last week someone told me that children are our greatest prayer and I think that begins during pregnancy. There's something within all of us that hopes each new person will bring something great to the world... who wouldn't want to be a part of that, if only for a fleeting moment with a gentle touch?

With that in mind, I know a lot of pregnant women despise people touching their bellies... I am not one of them. I am cynical and crabby and mostly miserable to be around these days but when someone becomes so enamored by the magical mystery of a new life hidden in the body of a woman that they can't help but to reach out and connect with that energy... how can I not receive that as a blessing? Everyone desires a connection with something greater than themselves and the essence of creation is life's most profound mystery.

So hands on my belly don't bother me. More than that, I appreciate the blessing for both me and my baby. Touch away!

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