beauty and the beach

We got home last night from a wonderful beach vacation. Ocean quickly got over his aversion to sand and had a blast digging, knocking down the sand castles we built, and watching his Papa fish in the shore break. As for me, since the physical changes of carrying a life don't always feel like the most desirable I thought I would be so self-conscious being in a swim suit while hugely pregnant but it turned out to be very much the opposite... I've actually not felt prettier while pregnant than I did in all my lycra-laden pregnant glory. There was something so natural and beautiful about being in the powerful presence of the ocean while myself being in the most organic and ethereal state of humanity. The only way I would have felt more empowered is if they made body boards with cut-outs for pregnant bellies.

Now that we're home and settled (and semi-recovered from the late flight with a very tired toddler), I have a lot of catching up to do so please be patient with me as I get back to everyone who has emailed or messaged me in the last week. I'll also be posting some beach pictures as soon as I can get them uploaded.

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