words that actually came out my mouth this week

At Kroger: "You may never, ever leave a store while I'm paying. You all know better! Hey! Are you listening? Get your arm out of that gum ball machine NOW and put your shoes back on."

At home: "Repeat after me: Tampons aren't toys."

At the park: "Stop licking that baby! That's not your baby. He can lick his own baby sister but you may not. We don't lick other people's baby sisters."


Candice said...

Ah, the Brabbs children, always entertaining and tiring...lol.

Linda said...

Oh my...hopefully you and the kids can laugh about this one day!

Big EZ said...

I laughed out loud visualizing the situations that would have caused these statememts! Thank you for sharing. EZ

Cici Stacy said...

Thanks for sharing , i love it