it's too hot to blog.

I feel like I might die from heat-induced exasperation and annoyance.

Yes, yes. I'm a weenie-whiny baby. And I'm officially opening the floor for all of you to lovingly poke fun at my intolerance of this heat. I know some of you have it much, much worse, speaking in terms of temperature and humidity/misery-quotient. I've been to Atlanta and Dallas, and lived in North Carolina. So I know 90 degrees is nothing compared to what some of you must endure. But my midwestern blood is thick, baby, and I can't take it take it take no more.

So instead of having to use up precious energy blogging about how much I'm sweating, I thought it would be less disgusting to make a Suburban Matron inspired pie chart to indicate how I'm spending my time*.

*Just go ahead and assume simultaneous sweating is occurring with each activity.


Alysa said...

Ha! And I was just thinking about what a lovely day we are having here as it is only 100 and not 118 :)

supertiff said...

coconut mocha = YUM! pinterest = :)
locating a smell = not that enjoyable,i assume.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie. I met you at Erin's a couple of weeks ago -- stumbled on your blog from her site. I have never cut coupons, but scrolled through a bit of your blog and you have made me so interested! I usually shop at Meijer, so when I saw all the coupons you can get there, I am hooked! Would love any info :) Blessings on your family. (Ezra misses Ruby ;)

Becky said...

Awesome pie chart. I especially like "blanching." It has so many different possible meanings.

And yes, hot. So hot!