a small glimpse into my life. and a slight indication as to why the future often terrifies me.

After I removed Iris's wet diaper, my agile little ninja did her twist-and-launch maneuver, catapulted herself off the floor and ran shrieking across the living room. I caught up with her and said, "Iris, let's put your clean diaper on before you pee on my rug."

Iris smiled at me.

Then she peed on my rug.


Bex said...

i like the way that kids rolls. don't let the (wo)man keep you down, iris. you'll pee n the rug if you want to pee on the rug and that's the way its gonna be. unless of course you take to heart the whole 'honoring thy father and mother' commandment. in which case, no don't pee pee on mommy's rug, dear.

Balazers said...

NOOOO!!! that's so intense. good thing you are the mommy you are. God knew that little will of hers.. and you are just the mom to help turn into something beautiful!

Andrea said...

I love the Harley-esque Big Wheel.