more fun at the brabbses. or is it brabbs'? or perhaps brabbseses? one can never be sure.

Iris had been in bed for about 15 minutes when we heard her on the monitor: "DeeDee! Dropped it!" (DeeDee is her pacifier.) Ocean said he wanted to go give it to her. Phil went with him to supervise and as they were coming back down the stairs Ocean exclaimed, "I did it! I saved the day!" Phil replied, "You're like a hero." Ocean said, "Sometimes I drop my binky and you're a hero, dad."

Me: (running around like crazy trying to get dinner ready)
Ocean: (rubbing his eye) My eye is all blinky.
Me: It's probably because you're tired.
Ocean: No, it's because you poked me in the eye, mom.

Ocean: (sitting on the potty, and a little distressed) The poop won't come out of my penis!
Me: Poop comes out of your bottom. Pee comes out of your penis.
Ocean: Pee comes out of my penis? Awwwwww... that's so cuuuuuute!

Last night Ocean, Phil and I were playing an intense game of Memory. Iris was entertaining herself by walking on the coffee table. Once I noticed what she was doing I called out, "Iris, you need to sit down. We don't stand on the coffee table." She said, "Yes, Mommy," sat down and, wide-eyed, looked at Phil and said, "Did you see that?!"


Alysa said...

Love it!

Bex said...

did you see that? she told me to sit down! haha!

it is so cute when they think normal everyday stuff, like pee, is cute!

Balazers said...

Definitely laughed out loud at this one... especially the "thats so cuuute". Everything is so cute to Ayla right now... most recently the purple door at my folk's place?

KellBell said...

I truly love reading your kids stories, they make me laugh out loud every time!! I really need to get better about posting my daughter's interesting conversations. :)