Yes it's true. Every new stage of your child's development is your favorite. But honestly, this one really is my favorite! Ocean is talking a lot now and he's much easier to understand so we've been having the most hilarious conversations as of late. Here are the most recent:
Me: Ocean, what do you want to do today?
O: Hmmm... (tapping his chin with his index finger). Call Daddy.
Me: You want to call Daddy? What if we call one of your friends to come play. Which friend should I call?
O: My boots.
*We checked out a DVD at the library this week and there's a very excited butterfly in the program that says, "Somebody pinch me!"*

Ocean wiped out on the bottom step and landed on his tush. He put his head in his hands and cried, "Somebody pinch me!"

We were at the park later that same afternoon and I picked a dandelion for him. As I handed it to him he smiled and exclaimed, "Somebody pinch me!"

On our way home from the park the stroller ran over some very uneven pavement and it jostled him quite a bit. He furrowed his brow and mumbled, "Somebody pinch me."
O: What's that? (Pointing at a fly on the window)
Me: That's a fly.
O: What's that?
Me: A fly.
O: Mommy, what's that?
Me: That's a fly, Ocean.
O: What's that?
Me: What do YOU think it is?
O: A dragon.
O: What's that, Mommy? (Pointing at a port-a-potty en route to the park)
Me: That's a potty.
O: There Mommy's potty.
Me: That's not really Mommy's potty, but it is a potty.
O: Mommy poop in that potty.
Me: Mommy doesn't need to go poop.
O: Mommy go poop in that potty!
Me: *sigh.*
Whenever he hears an unfamiliar noise he cocks his head to the side and says, "Something hearing?"
He and my dad were playing with a ball. Ocean threw it and said to my dad, "Go get it, T-Bone!" (one of Clifford the Big Red Dog's puppy friends)

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Balazers said...

Oh my goodness.. what a character!! Keep writing these down...and sharing!!