blah blah blah, me me me

Not-my-favorite-midwife scheduled an induction for Friday. Since both NSTs have shown baby to be healthy and thriving, I plan to reschedule for Monday if baby doesn't come by Wednesday night. As uncomfortable as I am I don't like having someone else decide when and how my baby will be born... sorry.

Today I had contractions every ten minutes from 11am-7pm. They stopped at 7, I went to sleep for a bit and woke up drenched with sweat. Gross, I know. Hoping it means hormones are getting ready for the real deal.

I've been doing okay up until today, but honestly I'm getting to the end of my emotional pregnant rope. I truly can't imagine actually having a baby at this point. I know it's impossible but I feel like I will be pregnant forever... like this baby will just always live inside of me.

At any rate, if desperation is any indication of impending labor, it should be happening any second now...

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