thursday musings

1. The most unintentionally funny commercial currently on television:
The Botox commercial where the poor lady is trying to make all of these crazy expressions to "prove" that you can raise your eyebrows once you've had Botox. The only problem is, she *can't* raise her eyebrows and only ends up looking ridiculous. Cracks me up every time.

2. Who was the drunk a-hole who pounded on our door at 4:13am this morning? It takes me long enough to fall asleep now when I haven't had the Be-Jeebus scared out of me. And additionally, I have a sleeping baby and the standing rule is "Wake Him, Take Him." Trust me, you do NOT want to be on the business end of that.

3. Ocean now repeats just about any word you ask him to. Except "Mommy." When I ask him to say Mommy he says "Up!" This may answer any questions about why my back is constantly killing me.

4. If you live in Ann Arbor and are going to cut down a tree on your property it's probably a good idea to notify the neighbors first. Otherwise they might get pissed and call the police (who can't do anything anyway because removing trees on private property is not illegal).

5. 2.5 more weeks until we go to the beach! Moms, if you travel you have to check out this site. I'm hoping it makes our stay much more enjoyable to have an actual crib for Ocean so we don't have to fight the pack-n-play battle (as in he'd rather play than sleep in that thing).

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