tas philas - "girlfriends"

Only Tas Philas can eat at Bob Evans together and think it was the best meal they've had in a long time... simply because the company is just that good.

Only Tas Philas understand the pressure and frustration of trying to be Superwoman and failing at it over and over.

Only Tas Philas cry when you cry. Even if it's over something that seems insignificant.

Only Tas Philas can be hooked up to a breast pump next to you in the car and it's perfectly normal and comfortable.

Only Tas Philas can see you with snot running down your face, and deodorant that has not withstood the power of the Holy Ghost, and want to hug you anyway.

Only Tas Philas can share our deepest struggles with our hard-headed, stubborn pride and our terrible, heart-wrenching fear of being vulnerable or *gasp* inter-dependent.

Only Tas Philas know the desperation of a new mother with a crying baby.

Only Tas Philas would think it was funny when they forgot where they were sitting in a group of over 7000 people.

Only Tas Philas wouldn't judge me, and at the same time point me in the right direction instead of telling me everything I want to hear.

Only Tas Philas use their jacket sleeves to open those nasty parking garage stairwell doors. Blech.

Only Tas Philas can remain close despite the distance between us.

Only you, my Tas Philas friend, would sacrifice yourself to get into the trenches with me; suffer with me; and love me until I had the strength to climb out of my pit and into the presence of God.

I love you, Tas Philas.

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