Well, it was only a matter of time.

Phil came down with a nasty cold last weekend (for which he is now on an antibiotic and had to go to the hospital for a neupogen shot last night. Good times.) and now all three kids have succumbed to the snot and hacking cough. I'm the only one still holding my own but me thinks it won't be long since Ocean hands me a used tissue every 53 seconds and Ruby keeps sneezing directly in my mouth. There isn't enough Purell in the world, people.

I'm hyper-sensitive to bringing contagious kids out in public places given our own susceptibility to infection, which means I generally don't go anywhere with them when they're drippy and hacking, so we're pretty much house-bound which makes the world feel like it's stopped for a few days.

We did get outside for some playtime after that crazy snow happened since I had to dig us out of a foot or so over the last couple of days-- and also spent a fair amount of time digging out unwitting motorists who attempted to drive down our treacherous street. (Stay off Fifth Street after a snowfall, Ann Arbor! Try Seventh or Main if you must head downtown.) I brought the two big kids outside with me to play in the yard while I shoveled which allowed Ruby and Phil to sleep while we got a little fresh air, but it's generally way too cold and snowy to have sick kids outside for too long, even with the scores of layers I impose on them. Plus frozen snot is just sick.

I'm kind of running out of ideas to keep these kids occupied. We've baked, crafted, sewed, planted, bathed, cleaned and danced. Any other suggestions?


keri m said...

write a children's book and illustrate it with your own photos? Themed yoga? Finger paint with chocolate pudding in the shower stall? Desperate times call for.... big messes.

Candice said...

Sounds like you guys are having quite the month!
Ruby is getting so big! Her hair looks like it is getting blonder?

Jessica said...

I think we should swap 3 sick kids for 3 sick kids. A little variety in their lives.

Amy said...

Oh you poor thing. I totally have been there! Make a big pile of pillows--every pillow you have--and let them jump in them. Build a "tent" of bedsheets in the living room and let them eat lunch and play in the tent.

I like the chocolate pudding idea! ;)

Hang in there. Praying you stay healthy!!

Becky said...

Oh dear! You have my sympathy! I second the pillow pile plan. Or, if you have a fiberglass shower, let the kids color it with crayons, then just magic eraser it off.

And there's always tv and then more tv.

Hang in there!

Aspenchick said...

It's supposed to be almost 40 today, before the next round of snow hits. If you can get them outside, a spray bottle filled with colored water to decorate the snow is always a hit with my almost 3-year old.

Linda said...

I have a homemade playdough recipe (doesn't break apart and is flavored and colored with dry KoolAid) and it holds attention with cookie cutters, minature rolling pins, playdough scissors and other accessories for 30-45 minutes. I also love Gymboree bubbles (sometimes still unpopped by the next morning), treasure hunts, tents, movies, and hide n seek. There's nothing like fresh air, but sometimes we have no choice but to stay inside

Preferred Customer/ Janice said...

Glad you are blogging again, I see you are overwhelmed with the family but soldering on. Me have no clue how to entertain kids but thought the suggestions were great.
Move to a warmer climate would be my #1 suggestion.LOL.
I know I have brought it up before but get the fine mist colloidal silver spray, use it on the kids in a limited fashion and it will help tremendously. As this is a spray it is only a very small amount but works wonders. We travel a lot and as my post MM immune system is so poor, I can swear by it the last year, traveled the world on nasty planes and no bugs jumped on us.
Take care.

Morgan said...

1) I am taking this opportunity to remind you that you are amazing.

2) I totally hear you on the sneezing directly into the mouth thing. Gross.

3) I need to take a lesson (or a hundred) from you on attitude and perspective.

4) That is all.