we be shoppin'.

I have a master plan. A master Christmas shopping plan. I'm going to try and get all of the kids' Christmas gifts for under $40 cash. We'll see if I'm as creative and resourceful as I think I am.

How will I do it? I have a four point plan:

#1- I cashed in our PNC points for an Amazon gift card, and I have various other gift cards, store credit and rewards cards from different deals over the last year which I fully plan to use toward the children's presents.
#2- I researched all the gifts that the kids want and found the cheapest places to get them online and in stores. I then made a ridiculous list (Which may or may not be a nerdy spreadsheet.) and matched up the stores for which I have credit/gift cards to the desired gifts.
#3- I am selling last year's Christmas Gift FAIL- a dollhouse (who knew that Iris was terrified of dolls?)- on Craig's List. The money will go toward this year's gifts and is not counted in the $40 budget.
#4- Each kid will get four gifts from us: Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. They will get one joint gift from Santa (a sled- shhhh) and can each buy a gift for each other using money they will earn from chores. I'm not gonna count that chore allowance toward the total budget either. Those little munchkins work hard for the money. It takes Iris a half hour just to take all 6 of the kids' dishes out of the dishwasher and put them away, and Ocean is a perfectionist when it comes to folding a clean hand towel.

I'm getting ready to tackle some shopping this week, and in fact I already bought Ruby's WANT gift. I got one of those $10 Kohl's gift cards in the mail last week, hit the 45% off toy sale on Thursday and paid 1.62 out of pocket for two Fisher-Price toys that should have cost a total of $21.

I'm more excited about this challenge than I probably should be, but regardless I will let you know how things are going.

What else am I buying this week? Skippy Natural peanut butter, and lots of it.

It's on sale at Meijer 3/$5. I bought a buttload of $.50/1 coupons on Ebay for $2. Meijer Mealbox also has $1/2 coupons available, which means I can do this:
(2) Skippy @ 1.67 each = 3.34
(2) .50 coupons (two like coupons up to .50 will double)
(1) $1/2 MM coupon
Pay: .34 for 3 jars.

Rinse and repeat.

How are the deals lookin' in your neck of the woods this week? Anyone else have a Christmas plan?


Carolyn said...

You are my hero!! Please come manage my household for me!!! ;)

Jessica said...

Good work! You'll have to share the deets on the goode deals--I've got 5 nephews to shop for :)

I'm all over the skippy--bought 20 coupons this morning :) Thinking I should've bought more.....We are doing a slimmed down gift giving here too, but I'm not getting very creative with finances, just not buying much--C is getting a helmet for her bike (need) and a "want" that I found on clearance for $8. The babies are getting a toy to share that I got a great deal on. done. I think they'll enjoy wrestling with all the wrapping paper and boxes. A friend suggested I wrap up some of my tupperware since that's their toy of choice, so I'm considering that :) I just bought two pairs of boots at Kohl's (for myself!)--spent $48, saved $100--I'm going to start paying attention to that place.

Bex said...

I can't wait for the updates on your mission.

I've heard of this want-need-wear-read tradition. But we do something similar. We buy the kids 3 gifts each - because that's how many Jesus got.

We have made our lists but you have inspired me to find the absolute best deal in the country!

Candice said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! My couponing mentor is back!!! I have been browsing the Black Friday for weeks and my list is made, my goal is to buy all my presents for under or close to $100!

EJ & Roo said...

I'll give you $40 if you can do my christmas shopping!! :)