ten things i didn't know until last night

1. I own three unused pregnancy tests.
2. Tampons are kinda like rocket ships! And pads are like stickers!

3. Self-tanner is uninteresting to a three-year-old. Which is proof that God must love me after all.
4. My jewelry box is reachable.
5. My watch is not indestructible.
6. It takes a lot longer to put stuff back into dresser drawers and bathroom vanities than it does to empty them. I'm guessing.
7. Free makeup from CVS: Easy Come Easy Go.
8. Razor packaging is child-proof. Thankfully.
9. Wet bars of soap can be squished into all sorts of crevices.
10. A few hours out alone while Phil was home with the kids was actually worth the clean-up.

Ocean looks great in mascara and lip gloss, no?


Becky said...

Oh. my. goodness.

I think that took them some time!

Glad you were blissfully unaware this was occurring!

KiniWoman said...

Sorry... LMAO!!! I think I've been there with every one of those! (Except I have girls). The sticker pads (I'm still finding them stuck to things (at least they are hidden well!) and I'll assume the tampons were similar to rockets, I can't get an answer on that one.

Todd said...

Oh my, you crack me up!

Although it is very good to know what kind of things we have on our horizon...I only hope we can handle them with similar grace to you guys...in the end thats about all you can do I guess :)