called out

I was putting Ocean to bed tonight. After books, songs and prayers the following conversation ensued:

Me: Goodnight! I'll see you in the morning.

O: [looking confused] Where are you going?

Me: To clean up the playroom. I'll see you tomorrow.

O: Where are you going, Mommy?

Me: Where do you think I'm going?

O: [pauses, then grins]... Target?

That little stinker is on to me.


Candice said...

He's learnin' quick! lol

Becky said...

Oh my goodness! How did he know about Mama's post-bedtime Target trip??? (Also, I thought only I did that! Sometimes, if I'm feeling really crazy, I go to TJ Maxx.)

Cassie said...

I think his Daddy must have ratted me out. But it's the only time I can truly bask in the deals without distractions!

Steph said...

oh that is hilarious! I always worry that the baby will think that all I do is shop. He just gives me this look....
a long time ago, we took my two year old nephew post-christmas shopping. he wasn't able to read at that point, but when we pulled up to the third old navy for that day (Seattle has bazillions), he said "old navy again?!" how do they know??? We felt so guilty.