Here are the kid-related highlights of the last two days:

*I yawned. My darling two year old stops playing, looks at me incredulously and asks, "Are you tired, Cassie?"

*Ocean was carrying around his crayon bucket. Iris wanted a crayon. Ocean screamed, "NO! MY crayons!" After a few moments of trying unsuccessfully to mediate, Phil and I decided to let them work it out. I know, probably not a wise choice in hindsight but we were exhausted and it ended up being totally worth it to witness the following exchange: Iris kept after the crayons and Ocean just kept getting more agitated. Finally, she grabbed a crayon out of his hand. Ocean grabbed it back and let out a frustrated yell. Iris then grabbed the crayon back out of his hand, got an inch from his face and screamed. LOUDLY. Ocean immediately started crying. Iris started eating the crayon. I haven't laughed that hard in weeks. Baby Sister, One. Big Brother... Zilch. (In case you're wondering, the bad parenting ended there. We took the heavyweights to their respective corners to cool off and eventually sharing happened. It was beautiful. But not quite as entertaining.)


Cassady said...

lol. that kinda reminds me of that show "Still Standing". Have you ever seen it? The parents pretty much let the kids duke out before the intervene. Without being a parent myself, I'm sure there are times of sheer entertainment.

Jeff and Alysa Bajenaru said...

Perfect! What a great story :)

LisaRoze said...

we have a "no tattle tale" policy in our house (unless there is blood involved). letting them work it out seems to have a longer lasting affect than when we intervene - we've directed them for awhile on the do's and dont's of, well, everything - but we still seem to repeat ourselves a lot. :^)