it almost feels illegal.

This is all the loot I got at CVS this week. I paid $1.46 out of pocket and walked away with everything you see here, plus $16 in coupons for my next trip. Total savings: $74.63.

While it feels illegal, I promise you that none of it was stolen! I have my CVS secrets which I am happy to reveal to those who are interested in playing the game... and who also promise to leave some deals for me!

As for the goods, most of it will be donated to the Single Moms ministry at church. All but the M&M's... those are my reward for a job well done. =)


Anonymous said...

The M&Ms cracked me up... it was like all these very toiletry items and then candy. I was all set to try out the whole CVS thing last week, but it didn't work out. I am excited to learn the ways, oh master.

Jeff & Alysa said...

Please teach us your ways, oh master shopper!

KellBell said...

I would LOVE to know all of your CVS secrets!!

Cassady said...

We get lots of deals from there too. Jeff goes to CVS almost everyday!

Anonymous said...

i would love to learn your secrets!
We miss you guys