50% (but feeling twice that)

I had my 20 week midwife appointment today. I can't believe I'm at the halfway point already. This pregnancy has been flying by, which I attribute to my very busy little boy who keeps me just as busy. My iron levels are fantastic, my blood pressure is low and I've gained a total of 10 pounds which I feel okay bragging about because I had gained at least twice that at this point during my last pregnancy.

We finished Hypnobirthing last week and I'm totally excited about giving birth this time. I'm realizing that if you tell yourself something often enough, you begin to believe it... true or false, good or bad. So I've been working through my first birth, reshaping that experience, and also choosing the kind of birth I want to have this time around. I am extremely relaxed and confident that this birth will go smoothly and be exactly what I'm envisioning.

Hypnobirthing classes ended, but yoga began. Our church is having yoga on Monday nights and I had the best time this week. What an awesome way to connect to your body and learn how to release... I see this being very helpful for birth also.

So all of this is to say that I'm feeling fantastic and despite the occasional unfounded emotional outburst I am really pleased with my pregnancy experience thus far. Yay, baby. =)

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