We have spent the last two-plus months packing up our house, doing some home-improvement projects and trying to get this place in tip-top shape. We listed our house the week of Christmas and it sold ten days later. Yes, folks, we're heading home to Ann Arbor.

Phil will still be working with Accenture, though we're not sure the nature of his project just yet, and we'll be able to be near family and friends, our rockin' church and of course TRADER JOE'S.

The plan is to be there by the first week of February (after Brian's birthday). For those of you in Charlotte, we will miss you! We'll be back at some point... we're thinking of this trek back to our roots as our temporary and much-needed oasis (hilarious when you consider the climate, I know, but oh-so-true) and want you to feel free to visit anytime. And for those of you in Michigan... we'll see you in a month!

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