dancing machines. sort of. not really.

I've been a bad blogger. Bad, BAD. In my defense, we've had a lot going on. Also in my defense, I'm lazy.

This week I've been teaching dance to a pocketful of five- and six-year-old little girls at our church's Camp Creation, which is an arts-based vacation bible school type deal. It's very awesome and it's like a huge honor to be asked to teach but I don't think the kids got that memo because they look at me like I'm speaking Martian when I say things like Stop rolling around on the floor and let's line up so we can dance... girls? Girls! Let's line up and... let's make good choices! Those are not good choices! DO you guys even want to dance? No? Well then why the hell did you take a dance class? Except I don't say hell because they are little kids and it's church and I mostly just cuss in the written word.

Here's an artistic rendering of my class. You will probably have to click it to make it large enough to fully absorb the horror.

In reality, the girls are very sweet. I wasn't prepared for the difficulty I would encounter in getting them to listen and stay on task for an entire hour each day, and I really can't blame them for acting their ages. If I had been prepared, I would have thought to offer bribes.

Other things going on:

1. I'm meeting with a realtor next week to try and get our house sold already. Once that happens we'll have to make some decisions around where we want to live. 

2. We were going to cancel our annual beach trip on account of the possibility of Phil beginning treatment but decided that it's best we live our lives as though the myeloma isn't there, otherwise we'll always be putting the focus on the disease and/or putting off the things that are important to us. So we'll be heading to the NC coast in about seven weeks and I am resisting the temptation to begin packing.

3. My children are still kind of adorable. See?


Bex said...

your picture is AWESOME! in the dictionary, under "awesome" is your drawing.

why don't you post more often? you got those creative juices flowing!

Amy said...

Girl, you are funny. That illustration is hilarious!! "I have to poop" was my favorite. Good on you for teaching the class--I'm sure they had a blast.

That beach holiday sounds lovely. You will be glad you did it. Ocean and Iris look so presh--you really have such cute kids.

Becky said...

What the frog!!! Of course, I say that all the time. One of the girls looks like her hair is on fire. I hope that wasn't the case?

Those kids! So cute.


Cassie- You crack me up! By the way, the drawing reminds me of the "doodles" we use to do in 5th grade!

sundanzkid80 said...

That drawn picture is very scary.. hmm do I really want our future kids to attend Vineyard?? Will have to think about that. lol. In response to you guys selling the house... you know Saline has a great community :) Lots of wide open spaces with that small town charm :) I have absolutely no objections.

Cassie said...

Bex, Amy... thank you! Perhaps I will begin illustrating my posts more.

Becky, I'm glad you got the fire hair thing. I wasn't sure if it was going to come out, but it was totally intentional. Only I was trying to get across that she had the ability to make me believe she could, at any moment, burst into flames of rage and torment or something. It's all how you interpret it though. It's art after all.

Jill... do you have any of these said doodles? I'd love to see them! I'm trying to remember what on earth we were drawing. Are they incriminating? Or could they make us a lot of money? Either way... let's see 'em!

Cass... you had me at reverse osmosis water system.

Jilly said...

Cas- Don't you remember how we use to draw all those pictures like we were fashion designers or something?? I swear it was during our "Fantastic Four" days:)

Cassie said...

The Fantastic Four.... we were legends in our own minds. =) I can recall some class party we had where Michelle fixed our hair and we were dancing around the room, probably to Debbie Gibson or something. Ah, to be 11 years old again.

But the pictures... why on earth can't I remember the pictures?!

Jilly said...

I don't know how you can't remember the drawings cause you were really good at them. We use to do them in Mrs. Guzzardo's class:)

Jobi Harrell said...

LOL! Those girls were blessed to have had you! And Frog -well that is the Christian educator 4-letter word! (Or you could go the F.R.O.G. route -Fully rely on God...which one must do to survive such endeavors as VBS!)